About filmmaker Ben Hain

Ben Hain is a sophomore film production major. Though present at the festival since the beginning, it wasn’t until Showdown #3 that Ben unleashed his genius on the world. After a blistering run of success with his first three films, Shampoo, Cold of the Dead, and Heinous Crimes: The Curious Case of Benjamin Hain, Ben became consumed with apathy and self-pity and has yet to produce another submission.

Much of the emotional power and artistic creativity present in Ben’s work comes from his collaborations with fellow Showdown-ers Turner Jacobs, Andy Gress, and Ben Cole, and Ben hopes that he can continue to pass of responsibility to new partners this year. His only real contribution to the process is his uncanny resemblance to Jonah Hill and his ability to tarnish great films like The Shining with cheap parodies involving shampoo.

Ben is very active down at dodge, having worked as a boom operator, sound mixer, grip, 2nd AC, and 1st AC on various grad and undergrad productions. He hopes that one day all of this experience will translate into a job where he can sit in a big chair and tell other people what to do.